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Interested in taking online courses? 2 popular sites are Udemy and Lynda. You'll be pleased to find excellent courses at each site. But do you know which courses are best to take at each of them? Let's talk about both Udemy and Lynda and how you can make the most of learning at these sites.

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Lynda vs Udemy: Which Should You Go With?

Udemy vs Lynda: A Side-By-Side Comparison.

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Udemy is an online learning marketplace. It was created by a software designer, Eren Bali and was launched in 2010 by Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani in Bali. The site has continued to grow over the years. Today, more than 9 million students enjoy more than 35 thousand courses taught by expert instructors. All courses are offered on-demand and through videos that instruct. You'll find courses on many topics from business/career, languages, hobbies, software, personal development and

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Lynda offers online education focusing on business, creative and technology skills. Courses are conducted through video learning. The company began in 1995 and is now part of This site was founded by Lynda Weinman. was meant to support her in-person courses when it began and it grew to an online learning site so by 2002 they were offering courses online. Today at the site you'll find more than 4 thousand video courses taught by expert teachers.

Building a Class

Udemy is unique in the scale of its platform. You can sort through courses by categories as wide-ranging as Health and Fitness to Graduate Entry Exams. From there, you can filter classes based upon language, price, instruction level, and features (such as classes that include quizzes). Searching for free courses, however, quickly trimmed the list: Most classes were priced at less than fifty dollars, with thirty listed for free. These stats align with the pricing across the catalog: paid courses outnumber free courses at least two-to-one. Within the humanities, the vast majority of classes were listed as appropriate for all instruction levels.

Price and Plans

Subscription-based service.You can try the service for 10 days, but you'll have to enter a credit card for access. A Basic plan costs $25 per month or $240 per year.Though's prices are completely reasonable for the high-quality training you'll receive, there are ways to get similar content free. excels at teaching software programs, particularly multimedia software, and professional techniques for using them. If you need a crash course in the latest features of Photoshop or InDesign, is sure to have them online quickly, whereas with Khan, it's a crapshoot.

Here's what's similar about both these companies (for the users):

Now Let's talk a bit about what is different about these sites (for the user):

Average Cost Of Lynda vs Udemy:

Udemy - Courses most often range from $29 to $99. Some courses are offered for free and then others are a higher price than mentioned. Keep in mind that Udemy also offers discounts and coupons, so the original price can drop at times.

Lynda - You pay a monthly membership fee of $25. With this membership fee you can watch as many videos as you like. This is a Standard membership and you have access to all of the transcripts, certificates, playlists and more. With a Premium membership at a monthly cost of $37.50 you additionally have access to practice files where you can follow along with the instructor during the course.

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Testing Your Options

If you like the idea of but aren't sure about whether or not it is worth it, I recommend the Lynda free 10-day trial. Likewise, if the Udemy terms appeal to you, I recommend starting off by purchasing one or two courses to see how you like the Udemy system.

Both online learning sites offer you an excellent opportunity to advance your skills. Udemy does seem to have more opportunities in many categories for most students. Take a look at Udemy and Lynda to see which courses you would enjoy!


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